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Tax Services

We are a full service CPA practice that can handle most if not all of your monthly, quarterly & annual state and local taxes.    If you require complex tax planning, estate or gift tax returns, we can put you in touch with reputable tax attorney that is able to handle these needs as well.

Annual Income Taxes

LET THE IRS KNOW A CPA PREPARED YOUR TAX RETURN!  Filing annual tax returns for a cannabis business is very different than almost all other industries.  A tax preparer that doesn't understand the complexities involved in preparing tax returns for canna-businesses may result in your company reporting and paying the incorrect amount of tax.  As a CPA specializing in the cannabis industry, I will maximize the effectiveness of your accounting and reporting systems and give you peace of mind knowing your taxes have been done in accordance to the statutes and regulations.  Please see the Fees section for information on various business tax return preparation rates.