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Accounting Services

I offer accounting solutions tailored to both business owners that want to handle some or all of their accounting functions in house and those that wish to completely outsource these functions.  All work is performed by a CPA increasing accuracy and avoiding costly mistakes.  I offer the quality, value and peace of mind that a CPA provides at very reasonable rates.  My service is comprehensive.  If you are setting up an accounting system for the first time or wish to improve your current system, I am skilled at the design and implementation of an accounting system for your organization and setting up your desired version of QuickBooks (TM), including the creation of a customized chart of accounts tailored to your company.

​The "I Have a Mess" Solution

​Many business owners end up with what can be best described as an "accounting mess" for many reasons.  It could have been failure to properly set-up and maintain an accounting system, errors that were made along the way or an employee that quit leaving the books in disarray.  For any reason, if you find yourself in this situation, there is a solution.  I can go back and correct the errors, update the accounting information, file back tax returns, bring resolution to back taxes and penalties and get you back on track.  If you need representation before the IRS or Oregon Department of Revenue to help resolve such issues, having a CPA that was a former state auditor is a valuable resource.